Ashton’s blazer: $1.6k

Ashton’s bandana: probably $1 from dollar tree

Amnesia at MTV VMAs 2014
5sos were not called a boyband
They were called a band
They were not compared to One Direction
They were compared to Green Day and Blink-182
Dylan O'Brien you had one job to do
Dylan O'Brien you did that job very well


If Beyonce sings part of her new version of crazy in love I’m going to lose it.


Lorde winning the award for “Best Rock” is like a male singer winning the award for “Best Female” or a female singer winning the award for “Best Male”… bands like Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park, who are actually a rock-band, write their own rock-songs, play their own tunes and instruments, basically doing rock-music do deserve the award a zillion-time more…


so he basically just got on stage, mentioned blink 182 for tpose and made a dick joke


Im sad they lost but we tried and they still are kicking ass and rocked the vmas


um excuse me how the fuck did 5 seconds of summer just lose




no no no no no  it should have been 5sos or sam smith like wtf